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Do you want to get paid to fly to CA and participate in the 2013 Combat Focus Shooting Instructor Conference?

How would you like I.C.E Training Company to cover your airfare, hotel and meals as well as tuition for all activities associated with the 2013 Combat Focus Shooting Conference.

I.C.E. Training is teaming up with POMA to offer a unique opportunity to attend the Annual Combat Focus® Shooting Conference!

Professional Outdoor Media Association (POMA) is putting out a call for 200-300 word essays describing why YOU believe “Defensive Firearms Training is Important”. They will be opening up the best essays for public review and vote next week and the top 5 essays will be purchased and published by Personal Defense Network™.

So you could actually get paid as well! Can’t beat that.

But the best part is that I.C.E. Training Company will be inviting the author of the essay receiving the most votes to attend their annual Combat Focus® Shooting Conference in California at the end of September.

Visit this link for full details.

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IDS focuses on teaching intuitive defensive handgun skills that lend themselves to efficiently handling a firearm in ways that are congruent with the body’s natural reactions under stress. This methodology allows us to better prepare our students for situations where drawing a firearm is a possibility.
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